About Me

Hi! My name is Janek. Yes, Janek is actually my first name and Thomas my surname.

I’m a Data Scientist/Statistician/Researcher/Open Source Developer/…

Officially I am a Ph.D. student at the Ludwig Maximilians Unversity in the working group computational statistics.


Meetups and Datageeks

I am (co-)organizing two meetups in Munich, the Munich Datageeks and the Applied R user group. We recently founded a nonprofit organization in Munich, the Munich Datageeks e.V.. Our aim is to boost data science in Munich and connect industry, community, research and government. If you are interested in helping with the organization any of the above groups, by investing some of your precious spare time, feel free to contact me.


Most of my research is in predictive modeling and general machine learning. Especially Gradient Boosting (Tree-based, Model-based and distributional), automatic machine learning, bayesian optimization and machine learning pipeline configuration.

You can find out more about my research at my

  1. University’s webpage
  2. Research Gate
  3. Google Scholar.

Open Source Software

I actively contribute to open source development, most projects are R based and can be found on github.

Project Description
mlr General machine learning framework in R, unified interface for a lot of common machine learning tasks.
mlrMBO Model-Based optimization / Bayesian optimization toolbox.
gamboostLSS Framework for boosting distributional regression models.
autoxgboost Automatic tuning and fitting of gradient boosting models utilizing both mlr and mlrMBO. Still in a pretty early stage.
hyperbandr General and extendable implementation of the hyperband algorithm using R6.

We also have a blog for mlr (and mlrMBO), where updates and projects are collected.


Except for all this nerdy stuff, I like hiking, climbing, traveling, board games, video games, whisky, …

If you want to know anything else just send me a message, I’m almost always happy to talk about data related stuff.


The content of this website is licesend under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0. The Code of the Templates and everything not directly specified ist licensed under MIT.